Benefits of LED lighting

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are rapidly replacing incandescent light bulbs in a variety of high reliability applications, including traffic lights, brake lights, emergency exit signs and more recently residential and commercial lighting.


LEDs contain no fragile filaments or gas filled tubes, which makes LED lighting extremely robust. This make LED lighting ideal for use in high risk areas such as basketball courts, security lighting and many other applications. LEDs also do not suddenly burn out.


In today’s world, environmental concerns are ever increasing. Put your mind to rest and do your part for the environment by installing LEDs. Landfill can be significantly reduced with LED technology. LEDs are 100% recyclable, meaning less ends up in landfill sites. Their extremely long life converts to less lights being manufactured. Consider 50 incandescent bulbs are needed to one LED! Greenhouse emissions are also significantly reduced, often by up to 90%.


One of the biggest advantages of LED lighting is significantly reduced energy bills. Most energy used by the LED is converted into light, not heat. Traditional lighting is relatively inefficient due to the large amounts of heat generated in the production of light. In traditional lighting large amounts of electricity is lost through heat, LED converts almost all electricity to light.


LEDs contain no harmful chemicals such as mercury (found in fluorescent lights). They are manufactured from materials that can be fully recycled.


Eliminate the annoying humming noise that often plague traditional lighting sources. LEDs are silent when they are on.


LEDs have an extremely long life span. LEDs generally boast a 50,000 hours life span. Compare this to a traditional incandescent bulb, which has an average life span of 1000 hours. This equates to approximately 32 years if the bulb was in use four hours a day. In this scenario you would need to replace an incandescent bulb 50 times to equal the life span of the 1 LED.


Traditional lighting such as mercury vapour or fluorescent take considerable time to reach their full intensity. LEDs light instantly thus making them suitable for areas where lights are turned on and off frequently.


LEDs operate at very low operating temperatures compared to traditional lighting. This significantly reduces the chance of fire. If many Halogens are installed in a small area, heat is produced, LEDs eliminate this problem.


Long life and durable construction reduces time and money needed to maintain LED lighting. This makes LED lighting ideal for applications where maintenance expenses are excessive. Office buildings, sky scrapers or difficult to reach installations are perfect for LED lighting. Maintenance issues are often significant factors for any lighting system. LED options can virtually eliminate this factor.


LEDs are safer to work with and use due to their low voltage operation.

Let us help you understand how you can start benefiting and saving with LED lighting today.

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