About Sawaah Lighting

We are leaders in LED lighting products and solutions.

Since opening in 2008, we have proudly built the reputation as a responsible and innovative agent for change.

Commitment to proper introduction and education of LED lighting alternatives

We are VERY passionate about lighting

We find the right manufacturing partners for every variety of lighting format

We will always select best consistent LED quality from branded sources

We understand lighting and lighting requirements

We understand the need to maximise ROI and focus on this for every project

With experienced staff in the electrical, electronic and general engineering field, SAWAAH Lighting has successfully completed and commissioned a wide number of installations. We do thrive on innovation and have accomplished many “could not be done” solutions across multiple industries and installation types.

The enormous advances of Technology have provided many new opportunities, and these have in turn changed every aspect of the way we live on a Global Scale, all at once, and at a speed never experienced before.

From Communications, to Mobile Technology harnessing Computing Power not even imaginable a few years ago.

And now Solid State Technology has added another major change that has already reached Global Proportions, changes that have matured just in time to offer hope for the way we need to deal with Global Issues like Diminishing Energy Recources, Global Warming, and Sustainability.

LED Lighting Technology is based on Light Emitting Diodes, and from humble green indicator lights in the past, these Diodes have given birth to one of the most exciting changes we can experience, namely to produce Light, now already at a quality competing with every other source of Man-Made Light currently dominating our Lives  Homes, Offices, and Energy Bills.

A Light Source that is bringing huge reduction in Energy and thus Cost of Energy by up to 80+ Percent, without requiring any costly changes to the way we distribute energy, and the way we use it for every facet of our live.

But tradition is a heavy burden when it comes to changes, no matter how beneficial it may be.

We think nothing of changing our Mobile Phone every year at the cost of some DH 2000 (that is per Family Member) yet we could be buying 100 LED Bulbs for the same amount of Money, reducing our monthly DEWA bill by up to 80 percent ( of the cost of Light we use).

The directors of SAWAAH LIGHTING have made it their business to assist with the introduction of this new lighting technology, and bring about the many positive changes the introduction of LED based Lighting Technology will bring to every walk of live.



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